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Founded in 1888 and incorporated eight decades ago as a 440 acre town, Buckeye has surged into the 21st century with a planning area of almost 600 square miles.

While Buckeye's population of about 40,000 residents is expected to increase at a rapid rate over the next few decades, the family friendly festivals sprinkled throughout the year help maintain the small-town feel that makes Buckeye a nice place to visit – and to live.

There are currently 30 proposed master planned communities, and almost 400,000 single-family units have been approved. In just six of those developments, more than a quarter-million homes are planned, as well as 71 elementary schools, 13 high schools and more than 4,500 areas of commercial, retail and employment development 

Population figures are beginning to reflect that anticipated growth. The 2000 census had Buckeye’s population at 6,537. By 2005, that number had risen to more than 25,000. Projections call for the Town to grow to 100,000 by 2010 and 265,000 the decade after.

But Buckeye isn’t just about new rooftops and new residents. An upscale resort, major retail centers, office parks and almost three million square feet of industrial space are on the horizon. A new Recreation Center and fire station have opened, and Buckeye is the site of the 20th youth baseball field donated by the Diamondbacks – Craig Counsell Field.

Statistics on Buckeye